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Use our Maryland Wage Garnishment Calculator to find out how much will be taken from your paycheck because of a wage garnishment.

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Steiner Law Group has helped hundreds of Maryland individuals, families and businesses discharge millions in debt.

Maryland Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Attorneys

Steiner Law Group is a Maryland law firm providing bankruptcy, debt collection defense and asset protection services.

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Bankruptcy can be a useful tool to get back on track. It can provide a lifeline when other options fail.

Steiner Law Group is a boutique law firm that assists Maryland citizens with bankruptcy and financial restructuring services. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Stop Home Foreclosure
  • Stop Car Repossessions
  • Stop Aggressive IRS and Maryland Tax Collections
  • Stop Collection Calls
  • Stop Wage Garnishments
  • Stop Eviction/Utilities Shut Off

Stop Home Foreclosure

Bankruptcy stops foreclosures and can help you keep your home or other real property.

Stop Car Repossessions

Bankruptcy stops auto repossessions and can help you keep your car.

Stop Aggressive IRS and Maryland Tax Collections

Bankruptcy stops tax collections and offers a forum to challenge certain kinds of taxes.

Stop Collection Calls

Bankruptcy stops harassing creditor calls and letters.

Stop Wage Garnishments

Bankruptcy stops wage garnishments.

Stop Eviction/Utilities Shut Off

Bankruptcy stops eviction and utility shut-offs.

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Steiner Law Group Bankruptcy Legal Services

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 can help eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, past due rent and other kinds of debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Find out how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 can help businesses reorganize debt and help individuals with large amounts of debt.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Find out how a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help you or your business.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is an excellent tool to keep your home from foreclosure and adjust debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Find out how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you.

Complex Bankruptcies

We are experienced in handling complex bankruptcy cases and tailoring a solution that meets your needs and goals.

Asset Protection

Ensure that your assets are proactively protected from creditors before any problems arise.

About Steiner Law Group

Steiner Law Group is a boutique law firm that assists Maryland citizens with bankruptcy and financial restructuring services. Learn more about the skilled attorneys that make Steiner Law Group, LLC who we are.

Eric Steiner, Esquire

Managing Member

Eric S. Steiner, Esquire

Mr. Steiner helps clients get out from under the burden of debt through bankruptcy, financial restructuring and other collection defense work including the defense of commercial confessed judgment lawsuits.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Mr. Steiner was awesome and very hands on throughout this whole process.

Mr. Steiner was awesome and very hands-on throughout this whole process. He was able to get all my garnishments back to me within a month. I would recommend him to all my family and friends for sure.

– Deborah, Manager Dental Office

A Positive Experience with The Steiner Law Group

“Mr. Steiner was an excellent lawyer for my bankruptcy case. He always answered my questions and made me aware of any issues that might come up. I had a unique home loan that would hurt my family if I lose it to the bankruptcy and Mr. Steiner did a great deal of research to make sure my home was secure and that the trustee was aware of this special program. After all was reviewed I am able to keep my house and car. I highly recommend the Steiner law group.”
– Keysha

Great Job

Thank you for your professionalism. It was a pleasure having an attorney to explain everything that was needed. This is why the process was so smooth. Not only Jeffrey A. Williams was pleased, so was I as an outsider. Again Than you. I am forwarding this to you on behalf of Jeffrey A. Williams.

– Janise

Professional and Diligent Representation

Earlier this year, I was referred to Eric Steiner through my place of employment. After having an initial consultation meeting, I hired Eric to represent me. Eric reviewed all documentation provided by myself and the plaintiff, and was able to find numerous errors in the plaintiffs case. After some discussion with the plaintiff, the case ended up being dismissed, with prejudice. Eric was professional, diligent with casework, and provided honest feedback through the entire process. I would refer others to use Eric Steiner as representation!

– Michael

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