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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maryland

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, called the “liquidation chapter,” can be a very useful tool to allow you to have a financial restart and fresh start. The process typically lasts 4-6 months and can eliminate credit card debt, personal loan debt and other kinds of debt. In Chapter 7, the Means Test must typically be met.

Here are a few scenarios of how Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be used to help you:

  1. If you are behind on credit card bills;
  2. If you are living off credit cards;
  3. If you are behind on medical bills;
  4. If you have lawsuits or judgments against you;
  5. If your wages are being garnished or about to be garnished;
  6. If your bank account is frozen due to a judgment or a set off;
  7. If you have a judgment lien against any property that you own;
  8. If you are behind on your homeowner’s association or condo association dues;
  9. If you are behind on your car payment and would like to walk away from the car.

In the majority of Chapter 7 cases you can keep your car and you home, which are generally secured by a loan such as a car loan or mortgage.

A Chapter 7 trustee may attempt to seize any unencumbered and non-exempt assets you may have, but Steiner Law Group can advise you on how to exempt those assets and other strategies to prevent liquidation of assets.

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Assessing Your Debt

What is Your Debt Amount?

Bankruptcy is a legal lifeline for people and businesses struggling with debt through a complex court process that can reduce or eliminate certain kinds of debt.


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