Bankruptcy Options for a Sole Proprietorship

Reduce or eliminate personal loans, credit card debt and other kinds of debt
Assume or reject leases
Stop all collection activity
Continue to operate while in bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy Options for LLCs, Partnerships and Corporations

Business Bankruptcy
Continue operating while paying off debts
Renegotiate commercial leases
Halt and prevent creditor action
Term out secured debts over longer periods of time

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Our Business Bankruptcy Practice


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There are many reasons why a business may need to reorganize or wind down. Steiner Law Group can help small businesses through the business bankruptcy process. Businesses such as limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations can file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 – liquidation, or Chapter 11- reorganization.

If a business can continue operations but is burdened by debt, a Chapter 11 Reorganization may provide an opportunity to reorganize the business affairs to continue operations. If a business wishes to shut down in an orderly fashion overseen by the Court and a trustee, a Chapter 7 may be a good forum in which to do so.

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Understanding Maryland's Businesses Bankruptcy Options

Businesses can choose to reorganize under Chapter 11, liquidate under Chapter 7, or they may be able to wind down out of court. Please call Steiner Law Group if you have questions about these options.

Chapter 7 can help eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, past due rent and other kinds of debt. Learn more about how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you.