How bankruptcy helped our client who was wrongfully sued and lowered her car payment.

Bankruptcy Lower Car Payment

Steiner Law Group recently filed a bankruptcy on behalf of an elderly client who was wrongfully sued and had a judgment against her for $35,000.00. Our client is and has been heavily involved in her church for many years by volunteering and setting aside money every month out of her fixed income to donate to the church. Steiner Law Group helped our client and put her in the best position so that the bankruptcy trustee did not pursue the money donated to the church. We conducted a detailed analysis of our client’s past donation history in order to ensure that those donations were out of the trustee’s reach.

Our client also wanted to keep a car that she had recently purchased, but was worried about her high interest rate and monthly payment. Steiner Law Group was able to get her monthly payment reduced from $450.00 to $315.00 – a savings of $135.00 per month.

If you have been wrongfully sued and are considering bankruptcy as a way to get a fresh start, please call Steiner Law Group at (410) 670-7060.

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