Ensuring Your Chapter 13 Plan Succeeds

Ensuring Your Chapter 13 Plan Succeeds | Steiner Law Group

The most important part of going through Chapter 13 bankruptcy is developing a Chapter 13 plan that you are able to stick to successfully. Since you hold onto your assets and income and can discharge many types of debt, the sacrifice is the obligation to repay the debts and stick to a strict repayment plan. Unfortunately, some debtors never make it to the finish line and fail during the repayment process. Preparing yourself for the reality of living with a Chapter 13 plan is the best way to ensure success.


Make sure that you have at least one accountability partner through the repayment process. This could be a spouse, sibling, trusted friend or even an acquaintance who understands your situation. You want to look for someone you trust to tell you hard truths with love, as your Chapter 13 plan will be an ongoing process and not merely 3 months of hard work. Merely knowing that you have multiple people to keep you accountable, in many cases, can keep you on the right track.

Mental Health

While we work tirelessly every day to eliminate the stigma around bankruptcy, many clients still suffer from judgment. Seeking mental health care is a vital part of ensuring that a Chapter 13 plan succeeds. Instead of viewing your bankruptcy as a sign of weakness or irresponsibility, you should work to see it as taking the first step in the right direction towards a brighter financial future. Whether you require individual counseling or could benefit from couples counseling, seeking professional mental health care is a great way to set yourself up for Chapter 13 plan success.

Understanding the Reasons Behind the Problem

While some people end up filing bankruptcy as a result of a single serious life event like a medical crisis, others end up needing to file due to biting off more than they can chew. If you are in a situation where your hesitance to follow a budget or curb your spending led to you needing a Chapter 13 plan, you should tackle your budgeting woes early in the process. If you haven’t ever taken a budgeting course, sign up for one and learn how to track your money meticulously. Small daily changes, like eating out less, paring down your social calendar and cutting up your credit cards can all help you to limit your spending now and in the future.

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