COVID- 19: Steiner Law Group’s Seamless Transition to Remote Work

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While many businesses, particularly law offices, are struggling to offer remote legal services to their clients, Steiner Law Group, through the utilization of cutting edge technologies, has quickly transitioned to a remote-only work environment without any disruption in the same high level of service we provide to our clients despite the COVID-19 disaster. Steiner Law Group believes that our clients are the center of our law firm, and our use of cutting-edge technologies allow us to provide the same high level of legal service to our clients as we always have.

Electronic Signatures

Steiner Law Group has used electronic signatures whenever possible, both in the execution of retainer agreements and court documents that are permissibly allowed to be signed electronically, and we also electronically file court documents wherever possible. Our cloud-based intake software allows us to quickly prepare client agreements to send out for electronic signature, allowing our clients to easily gain access to legal services that they need from the comfort of their computer or smart phone at home. While other law firms have been slow to adopt this technology, Steiner Law Group makes our clients the center of our law firm and has been using this technology for years.

Cloud-Based Case Management Software

Steiner Law Group strongly believes that case management is an integral part of any law firm, and we have been utilizing cloud-based case management software for years so we can assist our clients from any location. Our software allows us to quickly and easily review an ongoing case to provide the most efficient and highest level of service to our clients even while working remotely. If the law firm you hired is not using cloud-based case management software, you should be asking why not.

Cloud Storage

Steiner Law Group makes electronic copies of all documents that we receive, allowing us to access these documents remotely without any disruption in service to our clients, while providing high levels of security to ensure that the data is protected. Our staff has access to these documents and can easily access them to assist our clients with any questions they may have about their case. When clients request copies of documents, we are quickly able to send them as all documents are electronically scanned and stored. Having secure cloud access to documents allowed Steiner Law Group to seamlessly transition to a remote work environment during the COVID-19 disaster and to continue to provide the same high-level degree of client service on which we pride ourselves.

Online Client Document Portal

Every Steiner Law Group bankruptcy client is provided access to our customized and secure cloud-based document portal that our clients can use to submit documents so we can properly prepare our clients’ cases. Our client portal provides automatic text and email reminders about whatever documents have not been submitted to ensure that each case is provided with the attention it deserves so that the bankruptcy documentation process is as easy as we can possibly make it. Our client portal software can be accessed by our clients securely on a smartphone or any computer.

Video Chat Consultations and Client Meetings

Steiner Law Group uses video-chat technology to schedule face-to-face new client consultations as well as existing client meetings over video chat so that our prospective and current clients can receive the same degree of personalized service that they have before the COVID-19 disaster struck.


Steiner Law Group utilizes several cutting-edge technologies to text our clients about important updates in their cases. When the COVID-19 disaster struck Maryland, courts quickly postponed many hearings with short notice. Through Steiner Law Group’s cutting-edge communications, all of our clients were promptly notified of the postponements so that they could spend the time they needed with their families instead of worrying about their court date. All of our bankruptcy clients receive automatic texts notifying them of their 341 meeting of creditors date as soon as it is scheduled so that our clients can make any preparations they need to before the meeting with as little impact on their lives as possible.

Online Payments via Credit Card, Debit Card or e-Check

Steiner Law Group has always made payment as simple as it can be. All of our invoices are sent online, and our clients can pay legal fees with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Hiring a lawyer is enough of a difficult decision, and Steiner Law Group makes payment as easy as possible.

Virtual Phone Systems

Steiner Law Group has always used voice-over IP phone services because of the superior flexibility it offers. When the COVID-19 disaster struck, we were seamlessly able to transition our voice-over IP phone system to our remote work environments without any disruption to our clients.

Steiner Law Group continues to provide the same high level of legal service to our clients that we have before the COVID-19 disaster struck. We strive to make the legal process as simple as we can for all of our clients, and our continued evolution has allowed us to quickly transition to a remote work environment with no disruption in the same high level of service that we provide to our clients. If you need assistance with a bankruptcy or asset protection matter, please call Steiner Law Group at (410) 670-7060.

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