General Civil Litigation

Steiner Law Group, LLC is experienced in a broad range of aspects of general civil litigation in Maryland, including business litigation, personal injury and environmental litigation. We work with all of our clients as a true partner to advocate for their needs, assuage any concerns and assist with every step of the legal process.

General Civil Litigation

General civil litigation is a board category that includes:

Business litigation

Breach of contract

Property damage

Personal injury

Insurance claims

Construction litigation

Consumer litigation

Product liability or defects

Tort cases


The Right Attorney Makes the Difference

Whether you’re a small business, individual or large corporation needing assistance with general civil litigation in Maryland, Steiner Law Group can help. We work tirelessly on behalf of all of our clients and go above and beyond to provide high-quality service and knowledgeable legal representation. From minor litigation matters to lengthy trial cases, our lawyers are ready to meet the challenge that your unique case provides. To learn more about our civil litigation services in Maryland, please contact Steiner Law Group today.