The Final Loss Mitigation Affidavit in Maryland

Loss Mitigation Affidavit in Maryland

You are behind on your mortgage and have been receiving packets of mail from your lender. After receiving notices of default, you start getting documents that look more serious. First, you receive a “Notice of Intent to Foreclose.” 45 days later, your lender will file an “Order to Docket Foreclosure” in the Circuit Court. This…

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Loan Modification vs Refinance: Protect Your Equity

Loan Modification vs Refinance

What is the difference between loan modification vs refinance? If you have not defaulted, refinancing can help you get your finances in order and reduce your payment. If you have defaulted or fear you will default, loan modification can prevent home foreclosure without having to file for bankruptcy.

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The Loan Modification Process: Get a Deal to Save Your Home

loan modification process

The loan modification process is complicated and can be challenging to do on your own. It requires you to fill out an extensive application, write a hardship letter, submit a large amount of documentation, have ongoing communication with your lender, and more. While getting the right deal on a loan modification could help you to avoid foreclosure without filing for bankruptcy, time is not on your side.

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Loan Modification in Maryland: Prevent Bankruptcy

mortage loan modification

If you can’t make your mortgage payment, foreclosure lies ahead. You fear filing for bankruptcy is your only option. It may not be. By obtaining a loan modification in Maryland, you can save your home without ever having to file for bankruptcy.

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