Confessed Judgments in Maryland: The 11th Circuit Ruling and its Effect in Maryland

Confessed Judgments in Maryland. A hand holding a gavel.

Confessed judgments are only permitted in 8 states: Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Texas.  These clauses, found in almost all commercial loans and leases in Maryland, allow a creditor to immediately proceed to judgment without the benefit of a merit trial and can be severely harmful to unwitting borrowers.

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What Can I Do If Chapter 13 Involuntary Dismissal Happens?

What Can I Do If Chapter 13 Involuntary Dismissal Happens? A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Hearing document lays on a table with a calculator, glasses, and other documents.

A Chapter 13 payment plan lasts between three to five years. However, a lot can happen during that time that could affect your ability to make regularly scheduled payments. If this happens and you are no longer able to make your Chapter 13 monthly payments, the bankruptcy trustee can ask the court to dismiss the case, or a creditor can request relief from the automatic stay and continue collection efforts – Chapter 13 Involuntary Dismissal. However, all is not lost.

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